About us

When it comes to production and sales, Coca-Cola HBC Poland is the leader of the Polish non-alcoholic beverages market. We employ almost 2,700 people in Poland, cooperate with 3 ,900 suppliers and our products are available in over 120,000 stores across the country.

Coca-Cola bottle

Our company is part of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group , one of the largest bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the world, and the biggest in Europe.The operations of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group span 28 countries, serving more than 581 million people. The group's holding company, Coca-Cola HBC AG, is headquartered in Switzerland and has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange as well as secondary listings on the Athens and New York stock exchanges. 

Our Company

Even though Coca-Cola came to Poland as early as 1957, it was 30 more years before the first direct investment of the Coca-Cola System. The first Coca-Cola Poland office was set up in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in 1991. A year later the first manufacturing plant in Radzymin was launched.

Six companies handling beverage distribution and manufacturing in various regions of the country were set up over the next few years. The process of the companies’ consolidation advanced throughout the 1990s and eventually they were transformed into Coca-Cola Beverages Poland in August 1998.

Coca-Cola Beverages and the Hellenic Bottling Company merged in 2000 to create Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, which consequently became the owner of the Polish company Coca-Cola Beverages Poland.

Four years later the Polish company changed its name to Coca-Cola HBC Poland (in Polish, “Coca-Cola HBC Polska”).

Production plant

Coca-Cola HBC Poland owns three production plants and 26 distribution centres.

Our product portfolio

We produce, sell and distribute a wide range of beverages, most of which are trademark products of The Coca-Cola Company.

Our product portfolio consists of:   

  • Leading global brands, such as Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola light, Fanta, and Sprite
  • Local brands, such as Kropla Beskidu and Multivita from Kropla Mineralow source
  • Brands licensed by other companies, such as Nestea

Coca-Cola HBC Poland sold 985 million litres of beverages in 2011 and its share in the non-alcoholic beverage market amounted to 22.4% in terms of sales value (source: ACNielsen). This results from a consistently well-executed strategy, which envisages offering a complete portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages.

Sustainable Development

Our company has a consistent operations strategy in the area of sustainable development. We have developed procedures and policy statements, which practically regulate basic issues in this area:

For each of these areas we set goals and targets, measuring and monitoring our progress as rigorously as other parts of our business. We follow leading external standards and methodologies and report our progress transparently in our CSR report .

We also implement the company’s mission in every way possible.