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Coca-Cola Product of the Year 2007

According to retailers, Coca-Cola was among the top ten most profitable and best-rotating FMCG products throughout 2007.

A survey among retailers was conducted in January 2008 by the renowned research institute GfK Polonia on commission from Trade Press, the publisher of Detal Dzisiaj. A total of 500 shop owners and managers were interviewed.

The Merchandise of the Year title goes to the product that was best-selling in stores and generated the highest profit in a given calendar year. In the process, retailers compile a list of must-have products for each store. The idea behind the contest is to award the products/brands that are highly valued by retailers.

Nestea bottle

Nestea Snowy Orange Innovation of the Year 2007

Nestea Snowy Orange won the 1st place in the Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Beverages & Waters category in the FMCG Market Pearls 2008 nationwide survey.

The survey commissioned by the Wiadomości Handlowe trade magazine was conducted in April 2008 by the research institute GfK Polonia among owners and managers of 350 grocery stores. It is our customers who selected FMCG products launched in 2007 that became in their opinion the biggest market success.

Partner of the Year 2007 award

Partner of the Year 2007 in Restaurator magazine contest

For the second time in a row, Coca-Cola HBC Polska was awarded by the Restaurator magazine with the coveted title of Partner of the Year 2007, in recognition of variety and high quality of our product range in the beverages category.

The survey covered all Polish restaurateurs: owners of big and small eating establishments, pensions, hotels, catering companies, culinary studios, as well as all chefs, managers etc. They were asked to choose the best partners on the basis of the following criteria: quality and price attractiveness of the products offered, quality of the service and additional benefits such as training, delivery, equipment installation, warranties, bonuses and special offers for regular customers.

Effie logo  

Silver EFFIE 2007 for Kropla Beskidu and Burn

Kropla Beskidu received the silver EFFIE awarded by the Association of Advertising Agencies in the non-alcoholic beverage category for the 2006 advertising campaign “A drop of your inner strength” („Kropla Twojej wewnętrznej siły”). Another trophy – also the silver EFFIE – went to Burn for the “Burn – let it be consumed” („Burn - niech Cię pochłonie”) campaign’s media plan. Coca-Cola’s “Together, it tastes better” („Razem smakuje lepiej”) campaign was also nominated for its media plan.
EFFIE is one of the world’s most recognised marketing contests and the only one that awards sales results of advertising campaigns and not only outstanding creative ideas. The brands winning the award stand out due to effective cooperation between the agency and the client in the area of strategic planning, market research, media planning and buying, as well as the creative process and customer service.

Real awardr  

Coca-Cola HBC Best Supplier to Real Chain

A ceremonial meeting was held on the occasion of Real’s 10 years in Poland to award the chain’s best business partners.

Board members presented awards to partners from the food and industrial good sectors. The eight award categories were: Highest Turnover, Best Product of the Year, Best Customer Service, Best-Organised Promotions, Best Service (Stores/Key Accounts), Best Supplier Cooperating with Hypermarkets, Innovative Impact on Category Development.

Quality awards  

Coca-Cola Hellenic Group’s best plants in Central and Eastern Europe

Coca-Cola HBC Polska’s plants captured the top three places in a contest announced by the President of The Coca-Cola Company’s Central Europe Division to award best performance in the area of quality and environment protection.

  • The First Place and Golden Diploma - Radzymin plant
  • The Second Place and Silver Diploma – Tylicz plant
  • The Third Place and Bronze Diploma – Staniątki plan
Even though the Division President’s Award is the Coca-Cola system’s internal award, its significance is actually very high. 14 production plants from 8 countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Switzerland, were classified in the 2007 contest. The assessment criteria included quality parameters for beverages, packaging and manufacturing process as well as environment parameters regarding the use of energy and water and waste volume per litre of product. It was the first time ever that all three awards went to the plants from one country.