Cappy bottle

Coca-Cola Merchandise of the Year 2008

In 2008 Coca-Cola received the prestigious Merchandise of the Year title for the second time in a row in Poland. Coca-Cola turned out to be unrivalled in the carbonated beverages category and, as retailers reported, generated highest earnings for them. Nearly 40% of retailers found Coca Cola to be the Merchandise of the Year 2008.

The survey, commissioned by the trade magazine Detal Dzisiaj, was conducted for the first time by Nielsen Polska. The surveyed categories were selected based on sales value ranking lists.

Consumer Laurel award

Consumer’s Laurels

Consumers voted Cappy Ice Fruit non-carbonated beverages to be Discovery of the Year 2008. It is an undisputed sign of recognition and popularity of the product among a representative sample of Polish households. What matters is that open questions were asked in surveys and it is consumers themselves who selected the best new products in the market.

It is the fourth time that the Media Partner Group has conducted a survey - part of the Consumer’s Laurels/Customer’s Laurels programme - aimed to select the most popular products and services in the domestic market.

Effie logo

Silver EFFIE 2008 for Sprite

Sprite received the silver EFFIE awarded by the Association of Advertising Agencies in the non-alcoholic beverage category for the 2008 “Thirst Out” (“Pragnienie nie ma szans”) advertising campaign.

The „Upload YR Night Face” campaign for Burn was nominated for the EFFIE media plan award.

EFFIE is one of the world’s most recognised marketing contests and the only one that awards sales results of advertising campaigns and not only outstanding creative ideas. The brands winning the award stand out due to effective cooperation between the agency and the client in the area of strategic planning, market research, media planning and buying, as well as the creative process and customer service.