Coca Cola 2009

Product of the Year 2009

In 2009 Coca-Cola received the prestigious Merchandise of the Year title in the carbonated beverages category for the third time in a row in Poland. Coca-Cola turned out to be the product which generated the highest earnings for retailers.

The survey, commissioned by the trade magazine Detal Dzisiaj, was conducted among retailers in December 2009 by Millward Brown SMG/KRC.

Dan Nistor FMCG 2009 Awards

Coca-Cola Zero awarded twice by Polish retailers

Coca-Cola Zero was awarded the FMCG Hit 2009 title in the beverages category of the prestigious contest organized by “Trade Life” Magazine, one of the most important Polish trade magazines.

In the first stage of the contest the jury, which consisted of national and local key account customers’ representatives, voted on the best products in the category. Three best products passed on to the second stage, in which they were analyzed by Nielsen as regards sales volume and value, distribution and rotation in the period of one year. The winners were the most profitable products for retailers.

Also Coca-Cola Zero came 3rd in the non-alcoholic beverages category in the Pearl of the FMCG Market 2009 plebiscite organized by “Trade News”, one of the biggest trade magazines in Poland. What’s important, it was retailers who voted in a special survey carried out by Gfk Polonia and who decided which new product was most successful. The winners – including Coca-Cola Zero – are distinguished by a high innovation level, they enjoy strong marketing support which spurs higher demand (consumers ask for these products in outlets); they also guarantee attractive displays and POS materials, and their producers ensure a proper level of service, too.

Cappy bottle

Cappy Product of the Year 2009

Cappy juices received the prestigious title Product of the Year 2009 in a poll, where consumers voted for the best new market launches.

Product of the Year – Consumers’ Choice is a well-known marketing programme introduced to Poland five years ago by Produkt Roku Polska. The contest takes the form of a public opinion poll on a representative sample of 5,000 Polish consumers asked about new or innovative FMCG products.

Product of the Year logo

Consumer’s Laurels

Consumers voted Cappy Ice Fruit non-carbonated beverages to be Discovery of the Year 2009. It is an undisputed sign of recognition and popularity of the product among a representative sample of Polish households. What matters is that open questions were asked in surveys and it is consumers themselves who selected the best new products in the market.

It is the fourth time that the Media Partner Group has conducted a survey - part of the Consumer’s Laurels/Customer’s Laurels programme - aimed to select the most popular products and services in the domestic market.

Golden Pallet award

Golden Palette for Coca-Cola HBC Poland

Our company was the first in Poland to be distinguished by the Polish National EPAL Committee with the prestigious Golden Palette award for commitment to maintaining the EUR palette standard and persistence in the everyday fight against the grey zone in the palette market. It is a very important distinction for participants in the palette trading process.