Merchandise of the Year 2010


Coca-Cola received the prestigious Merchandise of the Year title in the carbonated beverages category for the fifth time in a row in Poland. Coca-Cola turned out to be the product which generated the highest earnings for retailers in 2010.

The survey, commissioned by the trade magazine Detal Dzisiaj, was conducted among retailers in December 2010 by ARC Rynek i Opinia.

Pearls of FMCG Market 2010

Pearls of FMCG Market 2010

Cappy Whole Fruit, MultiVita from Kropla Mineralow source and Burn in 0,5l PET bottle ranked 3rd in “Pearls of FMCG Market 2010” plebiscite in relevant categories: juices, nectars and drinks, waters and energy drinks.

Pearls of FMCG Market 2010 were the trade contest which appointed the best new products introduced to the market in 2009. The producers applied almost 300 products in 55 categories to this year edition. What’s important, it was 1500 retailers who voted in a special survey carried out by “Trade News” and Gfk Polonia, and who pointed at the market “Pearls”.

Powerade and Burn

Powerade and Burn – student’s brands

Powerade in „Student’s Activity” category and Burn in „SPEED” category – won in 10th edition of prestigious Student’s Product of the Year plebiscite.

Student’s Product of the Year is the only plebiscite by student media in Poland, organized since the year 2000 by “?WHY” student magazine and Internet portal. The plebiscite idea is to promote products, services and brands addressed to young consumers. The students recognize their favorite brands by direct voting.

The product of the Year 2010

The Product of the Year 2010!

Natural mineral water MultiVita from Kropla Minerałów source has been awarded the prestigious title of “The Product of the Year” in a voting by an exclusive consumer’s panel.

Consumer cast their votes on the best new and innovative products introduced on the FMCG market last year.
The Product of the Year – Consumer Choice is well known marketing program, conducted in Poland for 6 years by the “Poland Product of The Year” company. This recognition is quality guarantee and great recommendation.

Lemon  & Nada

Cappy Lemon&Nada was awarded the 2010 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Hit title in the beverages category of the prestigious contest organised by “Trade Life” , one of the most important Polish trade magazines.

In the first phase of the contest, the jury consisting of national and local key-account customer representatives, voted for the best products in the category. In the second phase the retailers voted on Internet site on products, which were the most profitable products for them in 2009.