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Coca-Cola received the prestigious Product of the Year title in the sparkling beverages category for the sixth time in a row in Poland. Coca-Cola turned out to be the product which generated the highest earnings for retailers in 2011.

The survey, commissioned by the trade magazine Detal Dzisiaj, was conducted among retailers in November and December 2011 by Millward Bron SMG/KRC research company.
Cappy whole fruit

Cappy Whole Fruit Apple FMCG HIT 2011

Cappy Whole Fruit Apple was awarded with FMCG HIT 2011 title in the category of Innovative Food Product. FMCG HIT prestigious contest was organized seventh time in a row by the trade magazine „Życie Handlowe” as a continuation of former FMCG Oscars. Over 120 producers and distributors applied with almost 300 products in 30 categories. In the first stage of the contest the jury, which consisted of national and local key account customers’ representatives, voted on the best products in the category. 111 best products passed on to the second stage, in which the retailers from the whole country could vote at www.portalFMCG.pl and choose the most profitable ones.
Złoty paragon 2011

Gold Receipt 2011 for Cappy Whole Fruit Apple and Burn Tropical

Cappy Whole Fruit Apple in juices, nectars, syrups and fruit beverages category and Burn Tropical in energetic, isotonic and functional beverages category were honored in the “Gold Receipt 2011 – Polish Merchants Award” prestigious contest by HURT&DETAL trade magazine readers in the special voting. It was the first edition of annual contest, which aimed at chosing the best FMCG products. The products and services were presented which had impacted significantly the retail sector in Poland last year. The awards went to those products, which were the most competitive according the retailers.