Food Safety

Our company is also bound by the HACCP food health safety system. We implemented the system for many years before it became a requirement of Polish law.

HACCP logo

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System

The key aim of HACCP is to eliminate hazards to consumer health. It is a method tool to ensure the health safety of the beverages we produce.

HACCP enables the identification of possible hazards, allows to determine the impact of a given hazard on the consumer’s health, assesses the probability of the hazard occurring and defines methods of limiting the risk.

The HACCP programme is developed based on a number of documents, including:

  • Food and Catering Safety Act of 24 Oct. 2006
  • External norms, such as Codex Alimentarius, ISO 22000
Importantly, the HACCP is also developed based on the expertise and experience of employees at a specific plant, who are able to identify additional hazards, not covered by the standards. .

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In 2008 we began the certification of production plants against the ISO 22000 standard. As with other ISO standards that are not required by the law, we started to implement the system on a voluntary basis. The plant in Staniątki achieved the ISO 22000 certification in 2008. The other two plants were certified in 2009.