The Radzymin plant is the biggest production facility owned by Coca-Cola HBC Poland. The plant is also a manufacturing centre for the Coca-Cola Hellenic group. The products from this part of Poland are shipped to the European countries.

Radzymin plant 1

Apart from beverages the Radzymin plant also produces preforms for manufacturing PET bottles. Preforms from the plant supply all our production facilities in Poland.

Currently the Radzymin plant occupies nearly 10 hectares, including nearly 36,000 square metres of buildings.

Six production lines operating at the plant and paletization center enable the manufacturing of all of our company’s sparkling beverages : Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley Tonic, Lift, Nestea, Cappy juices, nectars and drinks, Powerade isotonic drink and Burn energy drink. 

Two lines in Radzymin are so-called aseptic lines being used to manufacture preservative-free beverages (fruit juices, nectars and drinks, teas, isotonic beverages).

Radzymin plant 2

Aseptic products are manufactured in a sterile environment, suitable for sensitive beverages without preservatives. Such beverages include: Nestea, Cappy juices, nectars and drinks and Powerade isotonic drink.