What We Do

Our company produces, sells and distributes non-alcoholic beverages, including four of the world’s best-recognised and best-selling brands worldwide:
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola ZeroCola-Cola light, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade ION4, Nestea, Burn and Monster Energy

We also produce a variety of other beverages such as Cappy, Kropla Beskidu, Kropla Minerałów and Lift.

Key bottler of The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Hellenic Group is one of the 300 bottling partners that make up the Coca-Cola System, the largest beverage distribution system in the world. The activities of Coca-Cola HBC Poland play a strategically important role within the System.

In Poland the Coca-Cola System comprises Coca-Cola HBC Poland and Coca-Cola Poland Services, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

  • Coca-Cola Poland Services is responsible for the strategic marketing, brand management, consumer promotion, PR activities for individual brands, advertising, public and media relations and market research.
  • Coca-Cola HBC Poland produces beverages according to the franchise agreement with The Coca-Cola Company. In addition, we are responsible for the merchandising of products, key account management, implementation of promotions, store equipment, customer service, product distribution packaging management and local sponsorship activities.
We work closely with our partner, The Coca-Cola Company, using our respective skills and assets to serve customers and consumers, while improving the quality of life in our communities.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland is the only bottler in the country that produces and distributes Coca-Cola products.

Strong business infrastructure

The company has invested more than 360 million euro in Poland since 1991.

In 2008 Coca-Cola HBC Poland launched two new production lines and completed expansion of its Radzymin plant. The project was of such a large scale that it could only be compared to building a new plant from scratch.

Apart from the two completely new production lines, the project carried out in Radzymin in 2008 included a number of other investments. The second aseptic line, built in 2003 as Coca-Cola Hellenic Group first project of its kind in Europe and the first in Poland, was modified and modernised. In addition, the waste water treatment facility was expanded and new wells were drilled.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland launched a logistics centre in Radzymin in November 2006 and another in Staniątki in late February 2007. The investments worth about 7 million euro were spearheaded by market demand and growing sales. The Radzymin investment gave the company an extra 11,000 square metres of storage space and the Staniątki centre – another 7,000 square metres.

Along with the expansion and modernisation of production facilities across Poland we are also developing the market infrastructure for the consumer. We are constantly increasing the number and availability of coolers and beverage vending machines.

Across the Group, Coca-Cola Hellenic has invested approximately €4.9 billion in property, plant and equipment since 2002, in order to modernize plant infrastructure and expand availability of cold drink equipment, such as coolers.