Coca-Cola Experience

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Coca-Cola Experience is:

  • Unique opportunity to get familiar with structure, functioning and management in a global organization, great change to get new competences
  • First serious professional experience in a chosen field: sales, marketing, logistics, production or finance
  • Opportunity to join group of young talents who will be getting ready to become managers in Coca-Cola Hellenic Group

Taste the success

Coca-Cola Experience is an apprenticeship program dedicated to last year students or graduates with managerial potential. These 2 years full of challenges, development and new experiences can be breakthrough point in your career.

Experience the market

We want to give you the opportunity to experience our core business. For the first few weeks you will work with our Market Developer on the market, meet our clients and check out the challenges that each of our sales professional meets.

Trainings and development

We understand that fresh graduates not always are 100% clear about their career vision for the next 15 years. We will support you and guide you to create and reach your goals by participation in numerous workshops and trainings. You will also be offered support from a mentor and experienced manager while solving different issues. Moreover we will give you the opportunity to get to know more about the crucial functions of the company


We assume that the best way of learning is by doing. We prepared several projects for you which you ought to complete with support from an experienced manager, mentor and some colleagues from the company. All projects prepared for Coca-Cola Experience trainees are strictly connected with our business needs and are valuable for the company. It’s an unique opportunity for you to prove yourself!

Stay with us

We understand that people want to stay longer in a place where they feel good and are enabled to capture their career goals. Therefore for those, who during those 2 years will make sure that Coca-Cola HBC Poland is a right place for them, we will offer the opportunity to take part in our internal development projects that will lead you to managerial position in our company.

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