Recruitment process

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Recruitment process

Stage 1 – on-line application

Your access to the Coca-Cola experience can be made by filling in the on-line application (available in the „Career opportunities” tab). The number of trainee positions is limited , so the sooner you fill in the application , the bigger chance you get to be considered for the program. Don’t wait until somebody will take your place and apply right away. The adverts will appear in March in the “Career opportunities” tab)

Stage 2 – telephone interview

After reviewing on-line applications we will contact chosen candidates and invite them to have telephone interview with us.
During the phone interview do your best to focus on listening and answering questions in a well considered way. We want to know more about your motivation and expectations from Coca-Cola Experience. Of course – you can also ask questions!

Stage 3 – tests

After phone interview a number of applicants are invited for testing session. Chosen candidates will be informed about the date and time of the session via e-mail or phone (therefore, after sending your application please check your e-mail box regularly)

What can you expect on the testing session? We would like to know more about your career preferences and personal features. We will also verify your English language skills and general numerical and verbal abilities. No matter the outcome of this recruitment stage, feedback is an important added value, which you will receive from our Recruitment Department after the recruitment process is finished.

Stage 4 – assessment center

Candidates who succeed in the testing session will be invited to the next stage, which is assessment center. It’s a group method of selection consisting of numerous group tasks which should be completed during the assessment session. At this stage you will have the opportunity to experience teamwork and complete tasks which require competences that are useful during work as Coca-Cola Experience trainee. Do not worry – most of the candidates who took part in assessment center session say that it was a bit stressful, but extremely valuable experience!

Stage 5 – face to face interview

The last recruitment stage is face to face interview, during which you will meet with Recruitment Department employee and your potential superior. We will ask you more about your experiences, expectations and career goals. It’s also important for us to know you more as a person who will join our team in Coca-Cola HBC Polska.
If you will be chosen at this stage, there is only date and place of the Coca-Cola Experience apprenticeship to be agreed!

Note: After each recruitment stage information about the next steps according to your application will be provided via e-mail or telephone.

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