Coca-Cola HBC Polska sets the Guinness World Record in opening Coca-Cola bottles in a relay

Together with University students from Łódź, the employees of Coca-Cola HBC Polska set the World Guinness Records in opening Coca-Cola bottles in a relay. The initiative was also held as a charity event. Every opened Coca-Cola bottle provided one bottle of Cappy juice, which will be given to the children of the Small Children’s Orphanage in Łódź (Dom Dziecka dla Małych Dzieci w Łodzi).

The new Guinness World Record in opening Coca-Cola bottles in a relay is now 988 people. The result was confirmed by two independent judges and it was recorded on video, also from a drone. The record will be registered as a Guinness World Record after having been approved by the Guinness World Records office.

The previous record was set by Coca-Cola Thailand and it was lower by 347 people. In order to break it, the employees of Coca-Cola HBC Polska and academic students from Łódź gathered in front of the MOSiR sport hall in Łódź had to open more than 641 250 ml Coca-Cola bottle – one person after the other. The impeccable organizing job allowed this to be done in just 25 minutes.

I am very proud of this success, which would not be possible without the engagement of our employees and the students of the Łódź University of Technology, who tightly crowded our Record Setting Zone. Thanks to all those people, the atmosphere of the event was fantastic – says Dariusz Guzowski, Director of Sales Coca-Cola HBC Polska in Łódź. I am especially happy that we broke the previous record by nearly 400 people. Not only because we set the bar very high and it will be hard to break again, but also because according to our objectives, every participant meant one more bottle of juice for the kids at the Little Children’s Orphanage. Thanks again to all those who supported us – he adds.

Over a 1000 people had great fun in the specially prepared Record Setting Zone, where they could enjoy other attractions as well, such as a photo booth, DJ concert and the possibility to try the beverages from the wide offer of Coca-Cola HBC Polska. Every participant received souvenirs – a bottle opener and a hand band. The organizers also handed out over 2000 cans and over 1000 small gadgets to all of the people who gathered around the Record Setting Zone and could not take part in breaking the record, but actively supported the participants.

As declared by the company, the initiative was above all a charity event. Coca-Cola HBC Polska will give over 1000 bottles of Cappy juice to the Little Children Orphanage in Łódź – one bottle per each person engaged in the record breaking.