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Company & History

Do you have a question concerning the Coca-Cola bottling operations in Poland, or any of the brands the Company produces? Would you like to know which other countries enjoy the world’s most popular soft drink? Here you can find answers to many of your questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, send us an e-mail.

When and where was Coca-Cola invented?

On May 8, 1886, John S. Pemberton, a physician and pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, invented a syrup which was supposed to relieve fatigue and headache. He then mixed it with soda water and sold the mixture under the name Coca-Cola, glass by glass, in the drugstore "Jacob's Pharmacy". This is how the patent medicine became a refreshment.

Who created the Coca-Cola logo?

It was Frank M. Robinson, partner and accountant of Coca-Cola's inventor John S. Pemberton, who suggested the brand's name and in 1886 designed the universally famous logo. The Coca-Cola Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) holds all trademark rights.

What is a Coca-Cola license?

The Coca-Cola Company uses a licensing arrangement known as a franchise system. All license holders, or franchisees, are legally independent enterprises that have concluded a bottling contract with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC). This contract confers them the right to produce TCCC's products and to market them in a certain region. In Poland, this company is Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, SA, of which Coca-Cola HBC Poland is a member.

Is Coca-Cola being consumed in every country in the world?

Coca-Cola is offered in 200 countries around the globe. There are only a few countries (such as Cuba, Myanmar and North Korea) where the soft drink is not sold.

Is there a business report of Coca-Cola available?

Coca-Cola HBC Poland does not publish a company report. However, its parent company, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA. puts all important figures concerning the Group’s business in its Annual Report on the website at  (For global information concerning The Coca-Cola Company, see the “Investors” section of

Is it possible to obtain documents on the company/history for a term paper or diploma thesis?

Due to the numerous requests from school and university students, we are unfortunately not able to answer all enquiries. However, our parent company’s website offers extensive information on the company and its history . Further historical information on the brand Coca-Cola can be found in the "Heritage" section of the website of The Coca-Cola Company, USA, .

Where can I find information about Coca-Cola in other countries?

Detailed information about operations in the 28 countries in which Coca-Cola Hellenic operates can be found on the website The Coca-Cola Company provides a lot of additional information about its worldwide product range, the company itself on the website .

Range of products

Do you have a question concerning our range of products? Here you will find answers about our great variety of classic soft drinks with or without sugar, fruit juices, iced teas, sports drinks and mineral water as part of our commitment to offering the right refreshment for every occasion. If your question has not been answered sufficiently, you can send us an e-mail.

Which products does Coca-Cola offer in Poland?

Our product range includes Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola zero, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley, Burn, Lift, Powerade, Nestea, Cappy,  illy Iced Coffee, Kropla Beskidu and MultiVita from Kropla Mineralow intake. You can look up all current flavours of the respective products under brand variety.

Why are some Coca-Cola products not available in Poland?

Coca-Cola HBC Poland offers products according to the preferences and tastes of the country’s consumers. We are constantly assessing the beverage needs of our consumers and are endeavouring to extend the range of refreshments as new trends are identified. There are almost 400 brands (or more than 2,600 products) made available throughout the global Coca-Cola System. Some are developed specifically for national or regional tastes and are not available in all countries.

What does "zero" in Coca-Cola zero stand for?

Zero stands for "zero sugar". Coca-Cola Zero does not contain any additional sugar, but is enriched with sweeteners instead. Therefore, the beverage is almost calorie-free.

What is the difference between Coca-Cola zero and Coca-Cola light?

The taste makes the difference. Due to a particular blend of flavours, Coca-Cola zero provides the original Coca-Cola flavour, while Coca-Cola light has its unique taste. Coca-Cola zero complements Coca-Cola light in the calorie-reduced and the sugar-free segments.

Which beverages are suitable for diabetics?

Our product range includes a variety of beverages for diabetics that are suitable to meet their daily intake of liquids, including our mineral waters. Generally speaking, the beverages enriched with sweeteners may also be suitable for diabetics. You should, however, consult a doctor.

Which nutrition facts are stated on the labels?

The nutrition fact labels provide important information for a balanced diet. Our labels list information about calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids, fibre and sodium per 100 ml. In addition, our labels provide information about the percentage of the daily recommended intake of calories and nutrients such as sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids and sodium per 250 ml.

I have a new product idea. Can I submit it to Coca-Cola?

Product innovation directly concerns the core business of The Coca-Cola Company, USA, and is exclusively covered by the Company itself and by specially authorised partners or agencies. For this reason, Coca-Cola HBC Poland is unfortunately not entitled to consider ideas or suggestions for new products.

What does the best-before date mean?

The best-before date of a food product indicates the period in which the product preserves its specific properties if stored under adequate conditions. The best-before date of our products is thoroughly controlled. If unopened, we guarantee the perfect quality of our products and packing until the indicated best-before date. If only a month is indicated on the best-before date, this always stands for the end of the respective month. For instance, 12/09, stands for the end of December 2009. 

Do you have any question concerning the ingredients? Here you can find answers to your questions on this topic. All Coca-Cola products are manufactured in line with local and European food legislation. If you cannot find an adequate answer here, you can send us an e-mail.

Which substances does Coca-Cola use to sweeten its soft drinks?

If the label of our sugar-containing soft drinks lists sugar as an "ingredient", the substance is saccharose. When our products are enriched with sweeteners, the respective information is also provided on the label under "ingredients". This applies, for example, to the sweeteners used for our calorie-reduced or sugar-free products.
How much sugar does Coca-Cola contain?

Sugar is a carbohydrate and is a fast energy supplier for the body. 100 ml of Coca-Cola contain 10.6 grammes of sugar.

How much caffeine does Coca-Cola contain?

The caffeine content of one litre of Coca-Cola corresponds approximately to a cup of moderately strong coffee. Coca-Cola contains an average of 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml.
How much caffeine does Coca-Cola light contain?

The caffeine content of Coca-Cola light is about 20 % higher than that of regular Coca-Cola, which contains an average of 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml.

Why are additives used?

Additives are, for instance, used to preserve perishable products longer. Additives also make it possible to produce food products of consistently high quality.

Why does Coca-Cola contain phosphoric acid?

Phosphoric acid (E 338) is an acidifier, which enhances the sparkling, characteristic flavour of Coca-Cola, for instance. For the functioning of the human body, phosphor and its compounds are indispensable mineral nutrients, which are contained in almost all foods, including cheese, bread, milk and eggs, among others.

Are sweeteners harmful?

Just like all kinds of additives, sweeteners are also thoroughly tested for potential health effects before they are approved. Numerous scientific studies and long-term intake have shown that sweeteners are tolerated and pose no health risk for people. Given that they are a lot sweeter than sugar, only very small quantities of sweeteners are used in our beverages.

Does Coca-Cola contain the same ingredients in all countries?

The production process and the ingredients used for the production of Coca-Cola are the same all over the world. All components such as water, sugar and carbonic acid have to meet the same high quality criteria of both Coca-Cola Hellenic and The Coca-Cola Company, USA.

How can the quality of the water used for production be ensured?

The water we use for manufacturing our products is purified at the company’s own water-treatment facilities with state-of-the-art technologies. The water is then hygienically impeccable and does not possess any pronounced taste or smell. Like all other ingredients used for our products, water has to meet the high quality regulations of both Coca-Cola Hellenic and The Coca-Cola Company, USA.


Do you have any question on the topic of advertising? Here you will find many questions and answers about our commercials and other advertising. Coca-Cola ads have been accompanying generations of people and the Company has managed to always keep its finger on the pulse. If you cannot find an adequate answer here, you can send us an e-mail.

Can you send me Coca-Cola commercials?

No, unfortunately we cannot. For brand policy reasons, we generally do not make our commercials available outside the media or the internet. You can watch the latest commercials on the respective websites of our brands.

Is it possible to obtain documents on the company's advertising/marketing for my term paper or diploma thesis?

Since we receive lots of requests from high school and university students for information, we unfortunately are not able to answer them individually. However, our website includes links to respective websites of our brands.
Can I submit my advertising idea to Coca-Cola?

Commercials and other advertising ideas are exclusively covered by The Coca-Cola Company itself or especially authorised partners and agencies. We, therefore, cannot look into or consider your ideas or proposals.
Can I offer my car as ad space?

Unfortunately this is not possible since our company generally only uses company-owned vehicles for advertising purposes. We receive many interesting offers to place our company logo on different types of vehicles. However, due to conceptual and other reasons, such as the need for us to maintain a uniform corporate identity, we cannot accept such offers.

Would you use my photo for advertising purposes?

Publicity campaigns are developed and coordinated by specialised agencies. For this reason, we unfortunately cannot consider your photos for our advertising.
Would you place a web banner on my website?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Coca-Cola web banners are exclusively placed on our website and those of other companies in the Coca-Cola system within the scope of cooperative agreements and promotional activities.