Coca-Cola is the official partner of the National Stadium

Coca-Cola has become an official non-alcoholic beverages supplier for the National Stadium. The venue’s operator – PL.2012+ company - has just signed the contract with the world’s largest soft drink enterprise.

Passionate 45 minutes. Referee’s whistle. Break time. A quarter to calm oneself. Let emotions cool. What better drink to have than Coca-Cola. 58 thousand supporters may have just that in the National Stadium today. Coca-Cola has been a sport supporting brand for almost 100 years. The National Stadium is the place of the most spectacular events in Poland. Knowledge, tradition and experience but above all active lifestyle have always been important values for both brands. Values that unite.

Coca-Cola is a brand that immediately brings sport to mind. It is a sponsor to, among others, the Olympic Games, Football World Cup or the World Championships in Athletics. In 100 countries of the world the company conducts over 250 sport promoting projects. Poland remains an important spot on that map.

Encouraging healthy lifestyle and physical activity has always been part of Coca-Cola’s DNA. We believe that our cooperation with the National Stadium will allow us to further inspire Poles and especially Varsovians to do sport, promoting movement as joy. As Anna Jakubowska, the COO of Coca-Cola for Poland and the Baltic Countries emphasises, the growing popularity of sport programmes organized by the Polish branch of Coca-Cola, such as “Wake your body up”, are a prime example of how important physical activity is and how much satisfaction it gives to communities.

Cooperation with the National Stadium is another step in completing Coca-Cola’s “11 dreams” – a team of strong business partners.

The National Stadium is a continuously growing and strengthening brand. It allows us to cooperate with the best. The leaders in many sectors. Brands like Coca-Cola. It is an important part of the Stadium’s operation, which enriches our offer as a place. The more we offer our clients the more often we are chosen by them – Michał Fijałkowski, Senior Manager on Corporate Partnership points out.

Partnerships are a key element of utilising National Stadium’s immense sport and business potential. It is also a major element of the annual budget. Coca-Cola partnership serves to show how PL.2012+ strives to perfection on every level. By cooperating with our brand it reinforces its own.

About companies in the Coca-Cola system:
The Coca-Cola system represents Coca-Cola Poland Services ltd. and Coca-Cola HBC Poland. Coca-Cola Poland Services is a daughter company of the Coca-Cola Company, the owner of the leading non-alcoholic beverages brands, present in over 200 countries. Coca-Cola HBC Poland is a division of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, the second in the world beverages producer in the world in terms of sales, reaching over 560 millions of customers. Among brands present in our market we find: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Lift, Kinley Tonic, Powerade the isotonic drink, Powerade Zero, juices, nectars and Cappy fruit beverages, mineral waters Kropla Beskidu and Multivita from the Kropla Minerałów source, Glaceau vitaminwater®, energy drinks Burn and Monster Energy and Nestea ice teas. Companies in the Coca-Cola system are leaders in the Polish non-alcoholic beverages market and employ 2500 people. Since 1991 the companies have invested over 500 million dollars in Poland.

Coca-Cola Poland Services:
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