Coca-Cola HBC Poland has a new CEO

Warsaw, 3 September 2014 - Nikos Kalaitzidakis has begun his appointment in the Polish branch of Coca-Cola Hellenic as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Management Board of the Coca-Cola HBC Poland ltd. He has previously occupied a similar position in the Hungarian branch.

Nikos has joined the Coca-Cola Hellenic team in 2006 as a regional CEO for the north-western Russia and in 2008 became a CEO in Croatia. In July 2010 Nikos has accepted the position of the CEO in Bulgaria and began work in Hungary in 2013. Before commencing work in Coca-Cola Hellenic, Nikos had been managing European enterprises for 13 years including Philip Morris where he had occupied several strategic business positions.Graduated in Sussex with an engineering degree, Master’s degree in the University of Wales and MBA in the INSEAD Management and Business School in France.  He enjoys active leisure: doing sport which includes running and also travelling.