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The key aim of our company is to produce, sell and distribute the most valuable beverage brands in the world, as well as several other products that meet the preferences of even the most demanding consumers.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland seeks to expand the range of products it offers and address consumers’ growing expectations with regard to healthy lifestyle and well-being. These efforts are part of the long-term "Fit for the Future" strategy of the companies of the Coca-Cola System, which involves promoting an active lifestyle, marketing responsibly, providing simple and transparent product information for consumers and expanding our product offering.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland  currently offers 15  popular and widely recognised brandsin in 150 packaging sizes.

We are present in seven categories of the non-alcoholic beverage market. These are:

While effectively implementing ‘Fit for the Future’  we have substantially expanded our product portfolio over the past few years. It is also reflected in our beverage sales structure.

Graph 2010 

Our beverage sales structure is changing, too, in line with consumer preferences and evolving life styles. The share of still beverages and waters category in our company’s total sales has been growing steadily for many years. In 2004 the combined sales of the two categories accounted for just 16,7% of Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland’s total sales. In 2010 still beverages and water accounted for 31% of sales.