Burn bottle
Energy drinks, such as Burn provide vigorous consumers with an extra boost while leading an active lifestyle ‘during the day and night’.

Burn is a sparkling energy drink, which contains taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, theobromine, inositol and guarana extract, additionally enriched with B-group vitamins. The right combination of those substances and carbohydrates provides our body with a suitable portion of energy and has impact on the activity of our brain, making it function more effectively and open up to new challenges and actions. Burn lets you enjoy the night more intensely and with no inhibitions.

Taurine is an amino acid, whose action is considered indispensable in our body as it provides a stimulus for neural networks. The human body produces it in small amounts and therefore the ingredient should be constantly supplemented. Taurine stimulates the work of our brain, affects learning processes, motoric behaviour, the field of vision, metabolism and bile acid synthesis.

Caffeine is probably the best-known stimulant. It stimulates the central nervous system and vegetative centres (breath, vascular-motoric and the vagus nerve). It evenly stimulates the cerebral cortex, increases the effectiveness of thinking, wards off psychical and physical tiredness, and accelerates metabolism increasing the demand for oxygen. Guarana extract is a very important ingredient in Burn. Guarana is a plant that has a positive effect on our overall condition and well-being.

Burn was created for those who question any limits and often set new trends themselves. They don’t go to bed early and the night is an opportunity for them to fully express themselves. The right formula of Burn provides energy, which makes the senses more acute and focused on looking for exciting sensations. Burn is aimed at people who love life, think of themselves as citizens of the world and are oriented on achieving 100% of satisfaction and pleasure. They are sociable.

They have a wide circle of friends and are open to new contacts. They are curious of life and often try new things. They like to know what is new in the world of fashion, beauty products, cars or technology. They love experimenting… For them, energy drinks are a source of night-time energy, helping them fully exploit the potential hidden inside them and remove any obstacles for having fun all night long. They believe that life is not about pretending, but being yourself all the time.

Burn should not be mixed with alcohol. It is not recommended for youth aged under 14, diabetics, pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as people allergic to caffeine.

In Poland Burn is available in a 250-ml black aluminium bottle, 250-ml can, 0.5-litre and 1-litre PET bottles.

In 2010 we introduced new innovative product Burn Tropical.

Burn Tropical is a beverage not only providing the energy boost, but thanks to 20% fruit juices content (orange, apricot, maracuya, guava, mango) is having natural fruit taste and B group vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12). With this product we answer the needs of consumers who want to fight with deconcentration or tiredness from the beginning of the day.
The product is available in a 500-ml PET bottle and 250-ml can.

Each package provides comprehensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional values.

Find out more at: www.burn.pl