History of Coca-Cola

The birth of refreshment

On May 8, 1886,  pharmacist John Pemberton mixed aromatic, caramel-coloured syrup with soda water and started the rich history of the beverage.

It should be added that a visit at a local pharmacy was at the time the only opportunity to drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

Advertising: the mainspring of commerce

The beverage soon gained recognition in Atlanta and all over Georgia, but it was only when Asa Candler acquired the exclusive rights to Coca-Cola for $2,300, the drink became a hit across the United States.

Free samples offered to passers-by soon caused sales to grow tenfold. At the next stage Candler made sure that Coca-Cola appeared almost everywhere: on calendars, trays, mirrors, clocks and posters. In 1909 Pemberton’s drink was hailed the best-advertised product in the United States.

Unique taste and... shape

The first contour bottle design was born in 1913. Two years later it was registered in the US Patent Office and the bottle in the shape we know today entered hit the shelves. The distinctive contours were inspired by a cocoa bean, although many people believe they were modelled on female shapes.

Coca-Cola in every household

In 1930 it was very popular with Coca-Cola bottlers to hire teams of young women who walked from home to home offering to install a bottle opener on the kitchen wall. The teams composed of 4 women could visit about 125 households a day.

In cans for soldiers

As with many other inventions, cans were first used by the military. Beverages in cans were shipped to US soldiers during the Korean war. The growing popularity of cans led to the start of their civil career in 1960s.

Growth through innovations

A new orange-flavoured beverage called Fanta was launched in the US market in 1960. Sprite was introduced a year later. With the launch of Coca-Cola light in 1982 the Coca-Cola trademark was expanded for the first time to include product other than Coca-Cola.