Powerade ION4

  Powerade bottle

Fallen down? Get up!

Sports drinks, such as the range offered under the Powerade brand, ensure an adequate hydration level and contain carbohydrates and mineral salts to replace those lost during sport or other physical activity.

During intense physical exercise three elements are essential: water, carbohydrates and minerals. A good combination of these elements provides energy and ensures adequate hydration.

Sports drinks have been designed to provide:

  • Water: for proper re-hydration. The body loses water during physical exercise in order to regulate body temperature and prevent it from rising
  • Carbohydrates: during physical activity carbohydrates (or sugars) are the main fuel used by the body. Sports drinks contain an appropriate amount of carbohydrates to provide energy for muscular activity
  • Mineral salts: (particularly sodium) to enhance the absorption of water and carbohydrates and to compensate for the loss of sodium caused by perspiration

    The ingredients help people achieve their best performance. It is important that sports drinks are pleasant-tasting in order to encourage their consumption and ultimately provide hydration.

    Powerade ION4 is a balanced isotonic sports drink with an optimal content of carbohydrates, which also contains electrolytes and a special mix of vitamins. Powerade ION4’s isotonicality means that its concentration and proportions of all its ingredients do not upset the osmotic pressure of body fluids and contribute to the maintenance of proper water-electrolyte balance in the body.

    The optimum selection of ingredients makes Powerade ION4 effective in supplying water to the body and quenching thirst, whilealso supplementing sodium and potassium lost with sweat. The beverageprovides a suitable portion of energy by supplying the right combination of simple (dextrose) and complex (maltodextrin). Consequently, Powerade ION4 ensures the even inflow of glucose duringphysical effort. The beverage also supplements the body with vitaminsand minerals, supplies sodium citrates and B-group vitamins supportingenergy metabolism and vitamin E protecting the body against freeradicals. Such combination of Powerade ION4’s ingredients boosts physicalresistance and delays the feeling of fatigue.

    Powerade ION4 is recommended during periods of increased physical activityno matter if it is just recreation or professional sports – when youfeel thirsty, get tired and want to reach the maximum of yourpotential, grab a bottle of Powerade ION4.

    • Powerade ION4 consumed before the effort makes the body properly watered
    • Powerade ION4 consumed during the effort prevents the body from dehydration and helps ward off fatigue
    • Powerade ION4 consumed after the effort quenches thirst quickly and effectively, helping to accelerate the supply of water to the body
    Powerade ION4 is sold in four flavours: multi-fruit, orange, red orange and mango. The ergonomic shape of the bottle and its sports cap mean comfort for people playing sports.

    In Poland Powerade ION4 is available in 0.5-litre PET bottles.

    Each package provides comprehensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional values.

    Find out more at: www.powerade.pl