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Coca-Cola HBC Poland is involved in actions benefiting the local community in which it is directly present, supporting initiatives of local authorities, non-government organisations and others.

Moreover, Coca-Cola HBC Poland initiates programmes aimed to develop the community where it operates, prevent negative social trends and protect the natural environment. We believe that holding a dialogue and building trust of the local community is essential for us to effectively run our business.
Coca-Cola HBC Poland initiates and supports programmes benefitting the local community. We run such actions in the fields where our company has the most know-how and experience and where it can be most helpful:

Our involvement in these areas is a result of the company profile and challenges of the modern world. These initiatives fit well into our company’s long-term strategy. We invest in environment protection, contribute to sustainable development of the next generations, promote sports and physical activity among youth and take an active part in the life of local communities where we are present.