Disaster relief and recovery

Pure and safe water is one of the most pressing needs in the event of floods, droughts or other natural disasters. As a beverage manufacturer, we commit to provide immediate aid in such cases.

Cooperating with representatives of the authorities, local governments or aid institutions, we make prompt use of our logistics capabilities so that water and beverages are efficiently supplied to people needing help.

In 2008 we supplied beverages to residents of southern Poland’s regions hit by floods and those harmed by a whirlwind in the Opole region.

In 2009, several areas of southern Poland were attacked by heavy floods, which resulted in losses of thousands of homes and infrastructure damage worth hundreds of millions of Polish zloties. Just after the floods hit the country, Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland sent out trucks loaded with almost 2900 litres of Kropla Beskidu water to three most-impacted areas in the affected region.