Other local activities

In our actions benefitting local communities Coca-Cola HBC Poland is strongly committed to initiatives in the locations with whom it has particularly close business relations. In districts and towns where our plants are located we support a number of initiatives, particularly in the areas of culture and education , sports and environment .

Art de Coke winners 

Katarzyna Zapart

1st place - Katarzyna Zapart - Kraśnik

Maciej Ciesla

2nd place -  Maciej Cieśla  - Katowice

Marcin Gorski

3rd place -  Marcin Górski  - Kraków

Bartosz Czarnecki

Bartosz Czarnecki - Kraków

Zofia Trybis

Zofia Trybis - Kraków

Alicja Pismenko

Alicja Pismenko - Bydgoszcz

Art the Coke

ART DE COKE contest

Competition rules (Polish version only)
Appendix to the art competition (Polish version only)
Attachment 1 to appendix art competition (Polish version only)
Application form (Polish version only)
Presentation of the cooler (Polish version only)

local event in Tylicz

The institutions and projects we support include:

  • Culture and Sports Centre in Radzymin
  • Transfiguration Parish in Radzymin
  • Imago Mundi Foundation in Niepołomice
  • State Fire Brigade City Headquarters in Łódź
  • Children’s Aid Foundation GAJA in Łódź
  • Local Government School Education Centre in Tylicz