Sport and physical activity

Coca-Cola HBC Poland embraces the principle that supporting physical activity among Polish families, schools and local communities is essential for sustainable social development. The company also supports comprehensive projects aimed to fight obesity. Our company’s major initiatives include:

The Coca-Cola Cup

The Coca-Cola Cup is the biggest football championship for lower-secondary school girls and boys in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. The event’s objective is to instil a passion exercise and physical activity in children and youth even if they are not to become professional athletes in the future.
    Coca-Cola Cup

The championship also provides talented young people with an opportunity to take part in a professionally organized event, which is by no means different from those held in other European countries. The event is organised by the Coca-Cola system companies under the patronage of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the School Sports Union.

Keep Fit logo  

Keep Fit („Trzymaj formę”) programme

As a member of the Polish Federation of Food Manufacturers , Coca-Cola subsidises the educational programme “Keep Fit” („Trzymaj formę”). The programme, launched in 2005, is carried out in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

The programme’s objective is to educate lower-secondary school (gimnazjum) youth on balanced diet principles and promote physical activity.

Top running events

Each year the Coca-Cola system companies support top running events in Poland. Throughout the running season, from March to October, we sponsor marathons held consecutively in Poland’s biggest cities – Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań, Warsaw and Łódź. We provide participants with PowerAde isotonic beverages and Kropla Beskidu mineral water.
    Running event Cracow