Youth development

Coca-Cola HBC Poland supports youth development and puts high emphasis on aid to disabled and special needs children.

We support projects that create development opportunities for children that are disabled, mentally handicapped or suffer from various diseases. This group of initiatives also includes activities for children and youth from the neediest families and regions requiring economic aid. The most important initiatives:
Disabled children

Aid to the disabled

Supporting the Cracow-based Association for Aid to the Disabled „Bądźcie z nami” (Be With Us) is one of the activities we have been involved in for many years. Our staff help organize events for children and Coca-Cola HBC Poland contributes by donating its products.

The actions are aimed to improve living conditions of the needy through occasional gifts, but also help in the organisation of integration events and sightseeing tours throughout the year.

Meals for the needy

As a member of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FCSR) we support the Hot-Meal-A-Day programme, which lets nearly 3,000 poor children from 16 schools in north-western Poland have a hot meal every day.

Children feeding