Energy and climate protection

Climate change is today recognised as the biggest and most pressing challenge for our planet. Fast and determined actions are needed to gear society to a low carbon dioxide emission track.

Our company undertakes a number of actions aimed to reduce pollution emissions and protect the climate:

  • We run optimisation programmes at plants and reduce energy use.
  • We train drivers to use environment-friendly driving techniques and rationalise our fleet routes.
  • We are purchasing refrigeration equipment which is up to 50% more efficient that that purchased in 2004.

Energy-savings programmes

The operations of Coca-Cola HBC Poland are not a particularly heavy burden for the environment as far as air pollution emissions are concerned. We use low-emission heating systems at our plants. Moreover, we constantly monitor the effectiveness of heat and electric power use at our plants and launch a number of modernisation projects each year, which let us recover growing amounts of energy and heat. Therefore we also reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases.

light bulb

The modernisation projects implemented over the last years include:

  • The installation of a system recovering heat from bottle blowing process - warm air recovered from above the furnace for heating pre-forms is used in winter to heat the manufacturing room
  • Condensate energy used to heat carbon dioxide in place of electric immersion heaters
  • Installation of additional air compressor (power lower by 30 kW) turned on when demand for air is lower


Accounting for approximately 30% of total direct energy use at our company, transport is the key direct source of air pollution and CO2 emissions. Therefore we constantly analyse means of transport in terms of their efficient use and educate our employees on environmental impact of the way they use cars. Training on smart driving techniques (Eco-driving) is compulsory for all users of company cars.
We use forklifts operating on LP gas at our plants and warehouses, which allows for minimisation of pollution caused by exhaust emissions and improvement of work conditions for forklift operators.

At Group level we are also testing the use of hybrid trucks even though the technology is not commercially available yet.

Energy-efficient cold drink equipment

As part of our sustainable development efforts, we are also reducing the negative environmental impact of our cooling equipment. Therefore we have replaced the harmful agent R12 with the more eco-friendly R134a in all our coolers and vending machines. This in turn is being replaced by new age HC (hydro carbon) technology equipment with energy management devices to further reduce energy use.

International cooperation

Coca-Cola Hellenic Group was one of the founding signatories of the world’s largest coalition for preventing climate change carried out by the UN Global Compact’sCaring for Climate.