Water stewardship

Salmons restocking

Water demand is constantly on the rise and climate changes lead to changes in traditional weather patterns.

Despite appearances the water problem exists in our country as well, since Poland is among European countries that have the least water resources per inhabitant.

The growth of Coca-Cola HBC Poland is directly linked to the availability and quality of local water resources. Our company has developed an integrated strategy for protecting this valuable natural resource:

Improving our water efficiency

Every year a number of initiatives are undertaken at our plants aimed to reduce the use of water. In 2008, for instance, we launched a project in Tylicz to increase the capacity of water wells through their regeneration. The project aims at balanced use of the water-bearing layer through implementation of the pneumo-impulse method and cleansing pumping. The implemented innovative projects also involved the elimination of bottle water-rinsing system and replacing it with sterile air blowing or using dry lubrication systems on the manufacturing line instead of water-rinsing.

Waste water generated during the manufacturing process is treated to the high requirements of Coca-Cola HBC Poland as well as those of the Polish law; it should also be emphasised that tougher parameters are always applied to a manufacturing plant.

Modern waste water treatment facilities operate at Radzymin and Staniątki plants. The technical standards they employ guarantee high levels of cleanliness for treated water, which is confirmed by the presence of fish in ponds built as the last element of the facility, and in which treated waste water makes up 100% of the pond water.

water treatment pond

International cooperation

At an international level, Coca-Cola Hellenic is a founding signatory of the CEO Water Mandate of the UN Global Compact . This initiative aims to address water sustainability issues in operations, supply chains and communities; and to work with government and NGOs to shape public policy. To better understand water use in our supply chain, Coca-Cola Hellenic is also working with the Water Footprint Network .