Our approach

Social responsibility is an integral part of our activities. Our involvement in this area is also embedded in our company’s mission and values. Social responsibility indices have been included in executive annual performance reviews as well.

Sustainable development priorities

As environmental and social challenges are getting tougher we have set some priorities in the area of social responsibility; these are:

on the market

Sustainable development priorities are directly linked to our business imperatives . For instance, by expanding our product portfolio   and carrying out fitness and sports initiatives we are addressing consumers’ rising interest in the health and wellness trends. Similarly, our cost-effectiveness programmes complement environmental initiatives to reduce the use of water, energy and resources.

CSR management

We manage CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as rigorously as other areas of our activities. The interdepartmental CSR team reports directly to Managing Director who is responsible for our performance in this field. At Coca-Cola Hellenic Group level the team also cooperates with the Social Responsibility Council, which supervises efforts in individual countries and reports to the Social Responsibility Committee of the Group’s board.

We apply leading standards , set ourselves goals and monitor results.Moreover, we present our activities to the public and stakeholders inthe form of the annual Coca-Cola HBC Poland ’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report   as well as in our annual Group CSR Report . CSRis also one of the key competences we expect from our managers and theindex is taken into account during their annual performance review.