Engaging with our stakeholders

We believe we can be successful only if we conduct dialogue with stakeholders, listen to their concerns and work collaboratively.

The stakeholders are people we have the most influence on or who have the most influence on our company. They include suppliers, customers, NGOs, the government, consumers and local communities. We maintain contact with these groups in a number of ways, including meetings, opinion polls, our website, mail or infoline.

Cooperation on partnership terms

In order to carry out social and environmental programmes we cooperate with several organisations, such as:

Partnership Foundation logo

the Partnership for the Environment Foundation – creation and running of the Kropla Beskidu Fund Fund, which helps carry out projects aimed to protect water resources in the Beskidy region

PFPZ logo
the Polish Federation of Food Industry, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate – “KeepFit” programme, educating about balanced diet guidelines and promotingphysical activity among lower-secondary school (gimnazjum) youth

Our Earth Foundation logo

our Earth Foundation, city offices, municipal sanitation authorities – actions under the “Clean Up the World” campaign

Cooperation with organisations

Along with Coca-Cola Poland Services we started efforts in late 2008 to join the Global Compact initiative, established by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Our companies were accepted as members of the UN Global Compact in February 2009 and consequently they committed to support the 10 fundamental principles in the area of human rights, labour standards, environment protection and anti-corruption.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland is also a member of a number of trade organisations and associations taking care of environmental issues, including:

PFPZ logo

the Polish Federation of Food Industry – the only Polish organisation, which is an affiliated member ofthe EU’s largest food industry organisation (CIAA – Confederation ofthe Food and Drink Industries of the EU). It groups businesses from thefarm and food processing sector.

Ekopak logo

the Polish Industry Coalition for Environment-Friendly Packaging Eko-Pak – represents manufacturers of packaging and packed products. Theassociation is a member of the EUROPEN - the European Organization forPackaging and the Environment, which represents the interest ofbusinesses before EU institutions.

Rekopol logo

the Rekopol Recovery Organisation – a non-profit Green Point organisation. Its aim is to fulfillbusinesses’ obligations in the area of waste recovery and recycling andto build a packaging waste collection system through subsidisingselective collection in districts and educating the community.