A fair workplace

We respect the fundamental rights of our employees, aiming to create an open, inclusive and positive work environment.

Our policies on human rights and equal opportunities are widely communicated and are integrated into management training programmes. In addition, our Supplier Guiding Principles programme sets out similar expectations for the work environments of our suppliers.

Human rights

Our human rights policy requires that we uphold the UN Global Compact and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Child labour is expressly prohibited and appropriate checks are made during recruitment. Our employees and managers are trained in the implications of human rights in day-to-day business and we monitor our performance.
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Professional ethics

The company follows the equal opportunity employment procedure. Its adoption involved the introduction of several tools that enable effective fight against instances of unequal treatment or harassment in the workplace, such as the institution of the Anti-Harassment Committee formed as a result of an employee’s complaint, consisting of representatives of the employer, employees and an independent third party, chosen jointly by the employer’s representative and the employee.
The remuneration system is based on a market pay range for specific positions and does not depend on gender, age or other diversity factors. Managers for the company’s units are usually recruited locally.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland is particularly committed to running operations in all areas in a both ethical and transparent way. The key guidelines for such areas as conflict of interest, financial documentation, anti-corruption measures, taking part in public life and lobbying or using the company assets can be found in the Code of Business Conduct. All new employees, regardless of their position, get familiar with the Code.

Relations with employees

We respect our employees’ right to freedom of association. The Employee Representation also functions at Coca-Cola HBC Poland. It has been present in the company’s structure since 2004. It expresses its views and suggests actions, representing the Coca-Cola HBC Poland staff before the Company Board and during meetings of Employee Representations from other Coca-Cola Hellenic Group markets.