Health and safety

We take care to ensure that well-tested procedures and systems protect the safety of our employees.

The integrated Occupational Health and Safety Management System ( OHSAS ) operates at all our plants.
production line

We regularly run activities aimed at improving safety at our plants. Through training programmes we improve our employees’ ability to identify threats at their workstations and awareness in the area of occupational health and safety.

The procedure for reporting “near miss” cases, dangerous situations that may result in injuries, is also operative at our plants. Instantly undertaken correction actions minimise dangers and help prevent accidents at work.

An original programme aimed to improve safety in the workplace (“Safety First”), which directly involves the staff, is also in place at Coca-Cola HBC Poland.

Finally, we have a wide range of training courses that improve drivers’ skills, such as “Safe Drive”. We also successfully complete Eco-Driving courses every year.